19th December 2007

MSI launches motherboards based on nForce 780i and 750i chipsets

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MSI recently launched their Nvidia nForce 780i and 750i motherboards, P7N Diamond and P7N SLI Platinum respectively. They both have custom heatpipe coolers based on MSI’s exclusive Circu-Pipe design. The press release touts that both boards use all solid capacitors, unlike the reference based boards from eVGA and XFX, which use a mixture of solid capacitors and normal electrolytic capacitors. Solid capacitors are preferable as they have a longer life and are overall of higher quality than regular electrolytic capacitors but it’s debatable if using all solid capacitors is really warranted over just using them for the the most strained areas usually around the CPU and/or ATX connector like the Nvidia referance design. The PN7-series 780i and 750i boards both support 45nm Penryn-based Yorkfield CPUs, unlike the current 680i and 650i. As you’d expect, the P7N Diamond 780i board supports Three-Way SLI, while the P7NSLI Platinum 750i board supports regular SLI.  Something that’s pretty interesting is that MSI lists “Supports Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio” in the features for the P7N Diamond and the board has no audio plugs in the ATX I/O plate and instead has a card that plugs into a slot with audio plugs on it.  It’s unclear at this time if the motherboard doesn’t have any on-board audio and just comes with a normal X-Fi Xtreme PCIe sound card or if the motherboard has the Creative chip on it but needs some special card for the jacks/ports.

Check here for chipset specs and here for MSI’s press release.

p7n-diamond.jpg MSI P7N Diamond 780i Motherboard

p7n-sli-platinum.jpg MSI P7N SLI Platinum 750i Motherboard

Images courtesy of MSI

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