17th December 2007

Intel delays x48 chipset launch

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Intel’s x48 chipset was going to launch in January originally but is going to be delayed by 1 or 2 months because a first-tier motherboard manufacturer has large amounts of x38 motherboards in stock still, according sources in the motherboard industry. They go on to say that the motherboard manufacturer fears that the release of the x48 would slow down their ability to clear their inventory of the x38 boards and that they negotiated with Intel to delay the launch of the x48 chipset.  If this rumor is true, this could hurt manufacturers that don’t have an over supply of x38 boards, as they may be left with no high end LGA775 motherboards available until they get the go ahead with the x48 boards.  Intel didn’t respond to Digitimes about the issues by the time of publication.

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