17th December 2007

More info on AMD 7-series IGP chipsets and Hybrid Crossfire benchmark preview

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We covered some info last week on AMD’s new 7-series chipsets but some more info has come to light. The IGP on the RS780 chipsets will basically be the same as the Radeon HD 2400, giving the RS780 three or four times the 3D performance of the current AMD IGP line-up (690V/690G). AMD also has a feature called “Sideport” which allows manufacturers to have dedicated frame-buffer memory from 16MB to 128MB for use with the IGP’s embedded video, though I wouldn’t expect to see this feature used in many, if any, standard retail motherboards. It seems more like a feature targeted at notebooks.

In addition to the info above, HotHardware also got a hold of a RS780 motherboard and a Radeon HD 3400 series video card, which is codenamed RV620 and were able to run some quick benchmarks with Hybrid Crossfire. They revealed that when running Hybrid Crossfire you mainly run off of the IGP’s video with the discrete graphics card mostly disabled for power saving unless it is needed, which appears to be a large savings since the IGP’s max power usage is only 20w, according to HotHardware. The system they had access to was running an RS780 motherboard, a Radeon HD 3450, and a Phenom 9500 2.2GHz CPU. Even with the beta drivers showed a performance increase with and without Hybrid Crossfire. Call of Duty 4 running at 1024×768 got over 30fps with just the IGP but achieved 50fps with Hybrid CrossFire enabled. Unreal Tournament 3 running at 1024×768 showed a similar jump from 27fps with only the onboard IGP but jumped to 45fps with Hybrid Crossfire enabled. Unfortunately, they did not have any numbers with the video card alone but none the less those numbers look very promising, especially with beta drivers.

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