7th December 2007

Asus launches Geforce 8800GT 1GB graphics card

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Asus has launched the EN8800GT/HTDP/1G, a Geforce 8800GT video card with 1GB of video RAM. It appears Asus didn’t have to redesign the card to support more memory chips to get up to 1GB since Qimonda makes GDDR3 chips with a density of 1Gb. With a density of 1Gb it only takes 8 chips to get to 1GB total RAM. With 512Mb density chips like has been used on the 512MB 8800GT cards it would take 16 chips to get to 1GB. Qimonda says their 1Gb chips use 75nm technology that allows them to run at a lower voltage (1.5v instead of 1.8v), which should use less power and make the ram run cooler. Asus used a custom cooler they call the Glaciator. They say it keeps the card 7ºC cool but appears to be a dual slot cooler. That means if you’re running an SFF or need the slot next to your PCIe x16 slot, you may have to steer clear of this card. They have an overclocking program named SmartDoctor, that according to Asus “will be able to overclock the Shader Clock and Engine Clock independently for over 10% astonishing performance boosts without the hassles of rebooting or re-flashing their BIOS.”


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  1. 1 On December 20th, 2007, Eric Chevallier said:

    MSI is launching a 1GB 8800GT check out info on it here http://aberrantech.com/?p=358

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