4th December 2007

current Nvidia 680i/650i motherboards not compatible with 45nm Yorkfield quad-core

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Unfortunately, current motherboards based on Nvidia 680i and 650i chipsets will require more than just a bios update to be compatible with 45nm Yorkfield 1333MHz FSB quad-core CPUs. According to Nvidia, a “material change” between the test samples and the final release Yorkfield CPUs is the problem and motherboard makers will have to change some components to get Yorkfield working. Anandtech tested a retail Core 2 Extrme QX9650 on a 680i board and while it did come up, it wasn’t stable when stressed and couldn’t be overclocked past 1350MHz. Nvidia stated that the Wolfdale 45nm dual-core CPUs should work fine but Anandtech hadn’t tested any on the platform yet and is still trying to verify this with motherboard makers.

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  1. 1 On December 27th, 2007, Eric Chevallier said:

    their may be hope for people with 680i boards, as it appears Intel is redesigning their quad-core 45nm CPUs to be more compatible with 4 layer boards, which may make them compatible with the 680i, though currently it’s unclear if this will help or not. http://aberrantech.com/?p=367

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