1st December 2007

AMD dropping plans for quad-core CPUs on Quad FX platform

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AMD’s dual socket enthusiast platform, Quad FX (originally codenamed 4×4), was originally touted to have future support for quad-core CPUs. It’s now looking like that isn’t going to happen, with AMD’s Suzy Pruitt quoted as saying, “The short answer is that while there are still engineering resources focused on future platform offerings that build off Quad FX, the current energy and effort has gone into programs and product initiatives like “Spider” and AMD has discontinued future planning and development of its eight-core enthusiast platform at this time.” This is probably due to low sales of the platform, in addition to having to manufacturer specific CPUs for this platform only. The CPUs are both not AM2 and are not quite the same as the Opteron version of the 1207-pin socket, as the QuadFX CPUs don’t require registered ECC memory. With AMD’s current problems with the launch of their more mainstream quad-core Phenom CPUs, I don’t blame them for dropping support for a low selling niche product that required extra R&D to release. By the same token though, I don’t blame anyone for being angry that shelled out big money for Quad FX only to have the rug pulled out from under them for quad-core support. At least they do have something in the works, as Suzy Pruitt did say they had some things in the works but that it “likely won’t be a Phenom-branded product.” According to Dailytech, some of the Opteron CPUs will actually work in the system, even without registered ECC RAM.

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