30th November 2007

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition and Phenom X3 tri-core specs and launch dates

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The Phenom 9600 Black Edition has the the same specs as the normal Phenom 9600, 2.3GHz clock speed, 512KB dedicated L2 cache per core and shared 2MB L3 cache, with one exception the Black Edition has an unlocked multiplier, making overclocking much easier. The release date hasn’t officially been announced but according to some slides in an AMD presentation in Japan, the Phenom 9600 Black Edition will be available some time in December. AMD has said that the reason they haven’t released any CPUs faster than 2.3GHz is due to an errata that pops up in Phenoms running faster than that speed but they also stated that a bios update is able to fix the issue. This problem may limit your overclocking ability if said fix isn’t implemented in your motherboards bios.

The specs for the Phenom X3 tri-core CPUs have finally been announced. The 7700 will run at 2.5GHz, while the 7600 will run at 2.3GHz. Both will have a TDP of 89w. The model numbers for the dual core Phenom X2′s have also been announced and will have a TDP of 65w but the clock speed has still not be finalized. If the recently released benchmarks are correct, the tri-cores should be a great CPU for the money, since they pack most of the punch of the quad-core and should be available at a cheaper price. Digitimes quoting sources in the motherboard industry states that the Phenom X3 tri-core CPUs will be out in Febuary, with Phenom X2 dual-core CPUs following in Q2 2008.

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