28th November 2007

Aeneon = Qimonda = Infineon DRAM/Flash memory

posted by Eric C. in Hardware, Memory |

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen any Infineon memory chips or sticks recently, you probably have and just didn’t know it. Infineon made their memory division it’s own company in mid-2006, calling it Qimonda. The Aeneon brand on the other hand has been around since 2005. Qimonda branded parts are targeted for OEM sales, where as Aeneon appeared to target both OEM sales and the retail and channel sales (white-box/small system builder). Qimonda has recently released a press release stating they were repositioning the Qimonda and Aeneon brands, making all OEM sales go to Qimonda and all retail and channel sales go to Aeneon. They also changed the logo of Aeneon to be “Aeneon by Qimonda” to reinforce that Aeneon is Qimonda and is of the same quality as Qimonda branded components. For more information on the two companies and their respective product lines, check Qimonda.com and Aeneon.com.

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