28th November 2007

NVousPC Mercury Laptop with Custom Paint Job – Review (Page 3 / Benchmarks)

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The first test I ran was very simple. Windows Vista includes a basic benchmarking program which analyzes the computer and grades it on a scale of 0 through 6. The one strange thing about the Windows Experience Index (WEI) that I have an issue with is that the overall score is based off of the lowest subscore that you receive. So, a very high powered capable computer is humbled by its weakest component, even if that particular component is of little value to the user. Someone’s grandmother probably isn’t going to notice the difference between a 1 and a 6 on the gaming score. I guess it is a great way to make people feel like they need to upgrade.


As you can see, the NVousPC Mercury outperformed my capable mini-ITX rig in both Processor and Memory, but fell behind in graphics. Obviously, the hard drives cannot really compete as they have two different rotational speeds and interfaces. Surprisingly though, the laptop hard drive received a higher score than I had anticipated.

Next I moved onto PCMark Vantage, a general benchmarking suite developed and distributed by Futuremark to test out performance in various areas of computing.


The PCMark Vantage results are pretty much what I expected, except for the memory score. It would appear that PCMark weighs dual chanel heavily in it’s memory score, since the main difference between the memory in the laptop versus the memory in the mini-ITX rig is that the memory in the mini-ITX rig is in dual channel. It could also be the amount of memory, as the mini-ITX rig has 2GB versus 1GB on the laptop. Gaming was of course low, since it uses Intel embedded graphics. Everything that was based on the CPU was faster on the NVousPC laptop, since it is a faster CPU and a Core 2 Duo instead of the original Core Duo. Also, the desktop 7200RPM hard drive of course bested the Laptop 5400RPM drive, but not by as much as you might expect.

I then ran all the Memory and CPU benchmarks available in Everest Ultimate Edition 4.20 by Lavalys.


In Everest Ultimate Edition’s memory benchmarks, it actually shows the NVousPC Mercury slightly beating the mini-ITX system. This is surprising since the mini-ITX system’s memory is running in Dual Channel. As was to be expected, the NVousPC Mercury beat the mini-ITX system in most of the CPU benchmarks.


The memory latency test in Everest Ultimate Edition may explain why the NVousPC got a higher score on the memory benchmarks. The NVousPC has a slightly lower latency than the mini-ITX system.

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