22nd November 2007

Asus lowers AMD-based notebooks from 30% to 10% of total shipments

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Asus has decided to increase production of Intel’s Santa Rosa Refresh and Montevina platforms to 90% of its notebook shipments, leaving AMD with only 10% of notebook shipments. It was previously a 70/30 slip for Intel to AMD. It’s unclear whether that number includes both Asus ODM systems (built by Asus for other brands) and Asus branded systems or only Asus branded systems but the news post does quote the numbers for the total number of systems Asus manufactured and the number of branded systems. Either way this isn’t a small blow to AMD, as Asus is expecting to ship 7.2 million notebooks total, with 4.2 million of those being branded notebooks. This may also show an overall trend as Digitimes states, “In line with Asustek’s move, market sources commented that as AMD has not shown any obvious growth in its notebook platforms, the company’s notebook market share might only reach 12-13% in 2008.”

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  1. 1 On December 24th, 2007, Eric Chevallier said:

    Asus later denied that this rumor was true http://aberrantech.com/?p=293

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