24th May 2007

Avis to offer In-Car WiFi

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Avis is rolling out a new service to people renting cars from them, in-car internet access. It seems they’ve teamed up with a company named Autonet Mobile that makes a router that uses a cellular signal to access the internet and then let’s people connect to the router and there for the internet, via WiFi. DailyTech says, that it “can be used in or out of the car.” That could mean the cellular router box can be moved outside the car where ever you go. That could just be talking about how the WiFi signal can be used inside the car and outside the car and mean that the router box is permanently inside the car. The cost to rent it is $10.95 but I’m not sure if that’s unlimited access or if that’s the base price with a certain amount of time or KB or if it’s fully just metered in addition to the rental price or how that’s going to work. For what it is that price seems pretty reasonable, especially if it’s unmetered. If I had to guess, I’d probably say that it’s in a similar style to the actual rental of a car, where you pay a certain amount and you get a max number of miles you can drive without having to pay more and if you do drive more it cost more money. If I had to guess, they probably used something similar to that system, only with a max number of Kilobytes you could download before having to pay more. Like I said, that’s pure speculation.

Currently it’s only in San Francisco International Airport, but should soon be in San Jose, Calif., LA and Newark, N.J.. If all goes well they plan to roll it out in other major cities across the US.

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