23rd October 2007

Acme Portable 3 LCD All-in-one PC LPG370TS – Interview

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Acme Portable Machines, Inc., has recently developed an all-in-one computer with three 17″ LCD Monitors. Two of the monitors pull out from behind the main panel for easy storage and setup. The LPG370TS is a “robust lunchbox computer” packed full of power with an Intel Quad Core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and dual 8800GTX cards in SLI. Besides being a gaming powerhouse, the system is designed to be convenient and to have the user up and running in a matter of seconds. Although, specific data on the LCDs is minimal, each one runs at a 1280×1024 resolution and are “high contrast and fast response LCD screens”. Besides having the “cool factor” with the high-end components, this system is very interesting since it appears to the the company’s first foray into the gaming market.

Acme Portable 3 LCD
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Very interested with this product, I contacted Acme Portable and discussed the LPG370TS a bit with Martin Yen, a marketing representative.

Doomzilla: Can you purchase the LPG370TS with just one 17″ LCD Screen?
Martin Yen: No, but we do offer standard 1-display rugged portable unit. It is called the EMP370.
Doomzilla: When you hide the two side screens, do you have to manually disable them in the properties?
Martin Yen:No, you do not need to disable them in the properties. They function like your single one screen portable computer.
Doomzilla: What cooling system do you use for the Core 2 Duo processor?
Martin Yen: We used high performance cooling heatsink and fan for the processor. However, to keep the unit running cool, our entire chassis has been designed to avoid any potential thermal issues.
Doomzilla: What form factor is the motherboard?
Martin Yen: Standard ATX board
Doomzilla: What Hard Drives come with the unit?
Martin Yen: 3x 750GB, SATA
Doomzilla: It says that the unit is powered by a Seasonic 650W power supply, does that power the monitors as well?
Martin Yen: Yes, the power supply powers both the system and the displays.
Doomzilla: Can you make upgrades, such as add a new sound card on your own after purchasing the LPG370TS?
Martin Yen: Yes, absolutely. Unlike laptop computers, our system components can be upgraded with off-the-shelve parts. Your system can keep up with the fast changing computing world.
Doomzilla: How many Firewire and USB ports are available?
Martin Yen: 4x USB 2.0 and 1x Firewire
Doomzilla: Since this is obviously going to be great for LAN Parties, if the LPG370TS is successful, do you see Acme Portable building more products to market directly to the gaming market?
Martin Yen: This is the first real gaming system we’ve built. In the past, we have always dealt with industrial computing needs. If our vision can be successful, we may just keep rolling out more innovative products to the gaming market.
Doomzilla: What made you want to develop a system aimed towards the gaming market? Was it a goal from the start or was it something that was realized after building a PC with such power and flexibility?
Martin Yen: Our product has always being portable computer since 1994. As a result, we have always wanting to explore other possibilities where customers can benefit from a portable system. We have been studying markets like computer forensics, film industry, sports, and video editing also. We realized with the advancement in LCD and graphic technologies, we can build a multi-display system for gaming and simulation. Which is was not possible before with the heavy and bulky CRT monitor. Hence, the first two versions of LPG units are born.

I tried obtaining a LPG370TS for review, but they are so popular that they are on a 45 day backorder. Maybe in a month and a half we may get lucky and be able to give some more information from first-hand experience with the unit.  To check out the other portable models offered by Acme Portable just go to www.acmeportable.com.

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