16th October 2007

AMD/ATI launches new HDTV PCIe tuners and an HDTV USB tuner

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ATI is launching new HDTV tunners that tune over-the-air/cable analog TV (NTSC), over-the-air digital TV/HDTV (ATSC), Clear-QAM (unscrambled) Digital HD Cable and FM Radio. The cards in the 600 series are single tuners. The cards in the 650 series are dual tuners and have other enhancements that the 600 series cards don’t have. On AMD’s specs page for both the PCIe card and USB card it makes it look like it has two tuners that can do any of the types. But according to Anandtech, “AMD’s new TV Wonder parts that support Clear QAM make use of “combo” tuners – the board supports analog and digital content through two separate onboard tuners that can be used at the same time. The only issue here is that one tuner is a dedicated analog tuner and the other is a dedicated digital tuner. This means that if you are watching an analog channel, you can only record a digital channel (either OTA ATSC or Clear QAM). Likewise, if you are watching a digital channel you can only record an analog channel (either OTA or cable).” It looks like no one has actually tested these cards yet though, so we’ll have to see how it works out once some people get them tested.

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