4th February 2008

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan – Review

Well, Noctua is back with a new product for us to review here at Aberrantech. If you don’t remember from our review of their chipset cooler, Noctua is a company based in Austria that specializes in “sound-optimized” (quiet) cooling products such as heatsinks and fans. Today we will be looking at the NF-P12 120mm fan. Before I even take a look at the fan, I … Read the full entry »

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22nd January 2008

Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE Case w/ Real Power Pro 1000w SLI – Review

Let me start this review by saying that I have not owned a full ATX case, or even a mid-tower, for a couple years. I switched over to SFF back in late 2003 and have owned only mATX, mITX, and Flex ATX cases since then. So, when set with the task of building a system that would allow me to easily switch components in and out as my … Read the full entry »

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28th November 2007

NVousPC Mercury Laptop with Custom Paint Job – Review

I recently found a company by the name of NVousPC that was getting some attention for its custom paint jobs for laptops. They sell custom configured, custom painted laptops, as well as allowing you to send them any laptop you already own for them to paint a custom design on. If you know anything about me, then you know that I have an unhealthy obsession … Read the full entry »

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall
6th November 2007

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Wild Card Phone – Review

For those of us that do not talk on a cell phone for multiple hundreds of hours a month there aren’t many options to choose from. Most phones that are aesthetically pleasing or have the options we want are either too expensive or require monthly plans with way to many minutes or both. Virgin Mobile recently unveiled the Wild Card, an update to the Switch_Back, which is aimed at the sweet spot of Price vs. Features vs. Plans. … Read the full entry »

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1st November 2007

Gish – Game Review

You are out spending the day with your girlfriend when suddenly an evildoer grabs her and drags her into the sewers. You jump in after her and that’s where Gish begins. Pulling a plot from similar games you played at the dawn of household console systems may seem clichĂ©, but Gish is anything but that. Just reading Chronic Logic’s own description of the game can give you a small hint at how strange (and original) the game is. … Read the full entry »

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25th October 2007

Kingdom Elemental – Game Review

I guess I should start by saying that Kingdom Elemental is a serious strategy game that doesn’t take itself seriously, if that makes any sense. Kingdom Elemental is a fairly unknown game that easily falls into the realm of independent games as it was created by one developer, Scott Thunelius of Liberation Games. The 106MB game was developed by Scott and is being distributed … Read the full entry »

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