29th May 2008

So computer and part prices may be on the rise

Apparently computers and computer parts are too cheap. DDR2 memory bottomed out a while ago and at some points was actually being sold under cost. Prices have risen slightly over the last month or two and is continuing upward. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the largest contract chip foundry making chips for Via, Nvidia, and AMD (ATI graphics … Read the full entry »

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23rd December 2007

Sandra XII wasn’t giving correct memory bandwidth results for the Phenom

The original version of Sisoftware’s Sandra XII was not optimized correctly for the Phenom and was returning results less than half of what it should have been for memory bandwidth. Sisoftware has updated the suite and has released it dubbed Sandra XII SP1. For more info and benchmark results check Legit Reviews here.

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28th November 2007

Aeneon = Qimonda = Infineon DRAM/Flash memory

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen any Infineon memory chips or sticks recently, you probably have and just didn’t know it. Infineon made their memory division it’s own company in mid-2006, calling it Qimonda. The Aeneon brand on the other hand has been around since 2005. Qimonda branded parts are targeted for OEM sales, where as Aeneon … Read the full entry »

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26th November 2007

DDR2 prices still going down, manufacturers expected to shift to NAND production

DDR2 prices have been in a death spiral for a while now and currently show no sign of a rebound. Prices are still on the way down, with DDR2 128×8 density chips becoming cheaper still and DDR2 64×8 density chips selling for below cost to manufacture them. According to sources in the industry, “if DDR2 128×8 pricing continues to decline it will … Read the full entry »

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9th November 2007

Low DDR2 prices and profits may speed up transition to DDR3

DRAM testing companies are speculating that DDR3 could gain momentum as early as the second half of 2008. DK Tsai, chairman of Powertech Technology (PTI), states that he expects DDR3 will become the mainstream memory standard even earlier than the generally accepted 2009. DDR2′s low price and razor thin margins, with some parts selling below cost, as incentive for … Read the full entry »

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8th November 2007

Intel may be teaming up with Rambus again, this time for XDR

Rambus has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Intel about the possibility of Intel using Rambus’ XDR technology. A memorandum of understanding seems to basically be an official document that means that two or more companies are maybe thinking about possibly working together. According to … Read the full entry »

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