30th October 2007

Thermaltake launches M9 mid tower case

Thermaltake’s new M9 mid tower case comes with or without power supply and with or without a window in the side panel. The case is designed for good airflow. The whole front is mesh 5.25″ drive bays and the 3.5″ hard drive holder, which has a 120mm fan blowing into the case, can be moved anywhere from top to bottom in the front of the case. It also has a spot for … Read the full entry »

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28th October 2007

Power Supplies in eMachines are junk

If you have an eMachine or know someone that does, especially one that’s a couple years old, replace the power supply before you end up having to replace more parts when it fails and fries your motherboard or maybe more. In the computer store I work at, all of a sudden about 6 months to a year ago we kept getting eMachines with bad motherboards. It’s mainly been …Read the full entry or comment click here»

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10th October 2007

Spec Research 01006 mATX HTPC Case – Review

I was searching for a ‘cube’ style mATX case and found this case by Spec Research. It did not have many reviews on Newegg and I couldn’t find any on Google either. Its dimensions were similar to the other cases I was looking at, Silverstone Sugo SG02 and Thermaltake LanBox, so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to buy the $65 case since it was so cheap. Let me clearly state that I have owned about a dozen cases (half of them were beige) and this is the … Read the full entry »

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall
25th September 2007

Albatron to bundle ITX boards with cases

Most companies making Small Form Factor (SFF) barebones don’t use standards for the motherboard or case. Shuttle, Biostar, MSI, Asus, Soltek, and Epox all use proprietary formats in their SFF barebones and usually that format isn’t even the same among all models. The downfall of this setup is that you can’t get … Read the full entry »

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26th May 2007

OCZ buys PC Power & Cooling

OCZ Technology today announced that it will acquire PC Power & Cooling. Their products are expensive but they’re always of the utmost quality and are probably the most revered company making power supplies and one of the first companies to have products focused on quieting down PCs. In the press release, it states that they plan to keep the PC Power & Cooling brand and current models as “the premium-grade PSU collection from OCZ.”

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