20th February 2008

HD DVD is dead

Well, Toshiba hasn’t officially announced it but Reuters is saying a source is saying that Toshiba has “entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business,” and that an official announcement may come next week. It’s unfortunate that the better technology lost. Feature wise, HD DVD’s current spec is the same as the yet to be … Read the full entry »

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13th December 2007

iPod touch spurs competition to use Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based for MP3/Video players

Up to this point, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (WinCE) based MP3/Video players have been at a cost disadvantage when compared to other solutions that companies could base their players on, with costs of system-on-chip solutions around $7-$8 for WinCE-based devices versus only $3-$4 for other solutions. The price difference, along with no perceived … Read the full entry »

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6th November 2007

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Wild Card Phone – Review (Page 3 / Conclusion)

My last phone was a Virgin Mobile Kyocera Marbl, and even though it worked fine as a cheap $20 cell phone, it was weak in other areas, especially battery time. It would last about a day with one call and sitting in standby mode before having to be charged again. The Wild Card’s battery time is very impressive. After charging it overnight I played Super Adventure Island for and hour, made two 5-minute phone calls, sent and received a couple text messages, browsed the web and checked my GMail for 10 minutes, and then played Medal of Honor: Airborne for half an hour. Then I left it in standby and come the next morning I still had one bar of battery life which lasted me until midday. Obviously, if I had only made a couple calls, checked my email, and left it in standby the rest of the time it would easily last three days without needing a charge. Kyocera rates the battery for up to 150 hours in standby mode which should be more than enough for any consumer’s needs.

Unfortunately, I do not own a bluetooth headset, so I was unable to test the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.

In my opinion, the biggest selling point of this phone is that it is around $100 for a very capable phone with no service plan. You can buy the phone and choose whatever plan you want that best fits your lifestyle. I chose an $.18 a minute plan (pay as you go) because I rarely make calls. Also, I added $5.00 for 200 messages and $5.00 for a month of web browsing. So, on average I spend just over $10 to have a phone for emergencies, quick calls, text messaging, and web browsing. And for around $6 a game, I can cheaply add games to keep me busy during my commute. New graphics are $1.99 a pop and Virgin has a huge library of official wallpapers and an even bigger catalog of user made graphics. If your budget is a bit larger, you can opt for the unlimited domestic messaging including text, IM, email and picture messaging for $19.99 per month. Right now Virgin Mobile is offering the second month free, but for the budget conscious, this is not required. You can listen to music through the optional Headliner service, but for $.25 to stream a song seems a bit pricey in my opinion.

Virgin Mobile’s Website

Unless you are a business person that needs very deep scheduling and office apps, the Virgin Mobile Kyocera Wild Card should easily meet all your mobile needs. And compared to other companies options, it has a fairly cheap price, especially since you do not have to commit to any yearly contracts. It is obvious that this phone is marketed for a younger demo ranging from tweens to early twenty-somethings as it is very hip in its presentation and has quick links to social networks like Facebook and IM programs. If you are considering using Virgin Mobile as you cell phone solution than I would highly suggest just going for the Wild Card phone. Overall, it isn’t a whole lot more than any of the other phones they have and provides a much more entertaining experience, especially if you are stuck on public transportation or hanging out in the city.

And lastly, before the Pro and Con wrap-up, here is a list of other features and tools that come with the phone: Voice Memo recording/playback, Scheduler, Alarm Clock, Tip Calculator, Calculator, Timer, Stopwatch, and Flashlight.


  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • High quality screens
  • AOL and Yahoo IM built-in
  • Basic web-browsing works well
  • Games run like butter
  • No monthly contract required
  • Long battery life even while playing games


  • Second screen could be larger
  • Fingerprint Magnet
  • no MP3 support and streaming music is pricey
  • Provided games are only demos

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CounterSpy Antispyware
6th November 2007

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Wild Card Phone – Review

For those of us that do not talk on a cell phone for multiple hundreds of hours a month there aren’t many options to choose from. Most phones that are aesthetically pleasing or have the options we want are either too expensive or require monthly plans with way to many minutes or both. Virgin Mobile recently unveiled the Wild Card, an update to the Switch_Back, which is aimed at the sweet spot of Price vs. Features vs. Plans. … Read the full entry »

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5th November 2007

HD DVD player may not stay as low as $200

It looks as though the $200 price for the Toshiba HD-A2 may just be because Toshiba was blowing out the old model before coming out with the HD-A3. BestBuy is going to be giving customers that ordered the HD-A2 on backorder an HD-A3 instead because “Unfortunately, the manufacturer has discontinued this item and …Read the full entry or comment click here»

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29th October 2007

Toshiba HD DVD player available for below $200

Toshiba has lowered the price on their HD-A2 HD DVD player to below $200. The player seems to have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an HD DVD player. It supports 720p and 1080i and up converts normal DVDs to HD resolutions. It has HDMI and TOSLINK, along with S-Video and component video out. For audio decoding it supports … Read the full entry »

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