14th June 2007

Microsoft adding more cooling to some Xbox 360s?

According to DailyTech, French site Logic-Sunrise and MaxConsole, people have been receiving Xbox 360s back from repair and getting a new, beefier cooling system. So far only Europeans have reported this, so it’s unknown if they’re doing it in the US. … Read the full entry »

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4th June 2007

New Xbox 360 mod once again allows “game backups” to be played

According the Dailytech Xbox 360 moders have defeated Microsoft’s new firmware that has the ability to detect modified Xbox 360s. It says the new firmware only plays “Stealth Xtreme” backups, so not all backed up games will work. Also, since the actual lockout for those baned from Xbox Live is on Microsoft’s side and is tied to the hardware of the Xbox 360, the new modified firmware does nothing to the status of those consoles that are already banned.

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24th May 2007

Microsoft now locking hacked Xbox 360s out of Xbox Live

Microsoft recently updated the Xbox 360s software, the Spring Update, can detect whether or not a disc is genuine and if you connect to Xbox Live will then ban that system from Xbox Live. To be clear, it seems they are locking out the Xbox 360 itself and not the account. So if you’ve flashed your Xbox 360′s DVD-ROM to the hacked firmware, start looking for a way to revert it back to the original firmware, or you may end up having to re-spend that $300+ to get another Xbox 360.

DailyTech’s news item on this topic

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